Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vegetable Uppumavu/Upma - Salt Mango Tree ;-)

Vegetable Uppumavu

I'm not exactly a fan of this preparation as I find this dish absolutely boring! Proabably because when my mom used to make it, it was a very dry form without the vegetables - but with chunks of ginger, chillies and curry leaves which i had to keep picking at and still pieces would get in my mouth and irritate me. So it was quite unpleasant. And then the one with the vegetables, the soft and moist one used to be served in my hostel, which I liked at first. Then when I used to buy it from bangalore sagars, the chow chow baath, I liked it at first but later just despised it!!
After staying away from it for a long time, I decided to make one myself to see if I can stand it. Afterall, its a no fuss, easy to make, nutritious and takes less time to prepare. Turns out, I'm still not much of a fan, but I can eat it with bananas mashed into it.

A nutritious breakfast to substitute your daily toasts & cornflakes & its filling too. It tastes great with egg roast.
Really? I've never tried that combination but that's what Maria says!


1.Semolina (rava) – 1 cup
2.small onion – 4
green chilli – 2
ginger – 1/2 tablespoon
3.cooked carrot & green peas – 1/4 cup each
4.mustard seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
5.Ghee/refined oil – 2 tablespoon
6.water – 2 cups
7.curry leaves


Toast the semolina (without oil) for 5 minutes. Heat oil/ghee in a pan & splutter mustard seeds. Saute small onion, green chilli ginger& curry leaves for 4 minutes.Add cooked carrot & green peas & stir well. Add 2 cups of water & salt. When the water starts boiling add the toasted semolina & mix well. Serve hot.

My note: When I toasted the rava, I toasted it for more than 5 minutes, and waited for it to turn golden brown. Although I feel thats a mistake as the uppumavu did not taste as its supposed to be. So next time, I'm going to toast it only for 5 minutes as the recipe suggests.
The picture above is the one from my second try which was successful :)
I like eating upma with yelakki bananas or regular bananas. Bee likes it with achar. There are different ways of eating this.