Thursday, November 24, 2011

My First Onasadya

I had intended to post this immediately after Onam. But I guess its better late than never. I was super-excited to prepare my first Onasadya. So I called up my sis over and we had a fun day purchasing veggies at the supermarket, cutting, chopping, grinding, cooking and finally serving it to Bee who waited patiently for the sadya to be prepared. Apart from the items displayed in the photo above, I also had moru kachiyathu and two types of payasams. One was the semiya payasam which I will be posting separately. The other was pazham pradhaman. The pradhaman turned out to be slightly on the sour side, maybe coz the nendrapazham was not too ripe? I need to try it out a few more times and perfect it before posting that one. Who knows if I'll have the time to do another one before I leave to another country where there maybe no nendrapazhams??
The sadya turned out to be great. Bee loved it especially since they were all new curries that I prepared for the first time, and he was enjoying the new flavours of kerala. There were so much leftovers, that I sent a lot of it with my sister. She in turn shared it with lots of her friends and I received a good feedback. Glad to know that I made some people deprived of onasadya happy this year :) What more could I ask for!!
I must thank the Kairali sisters from Pazham Pappadam Payasam to be generous enough to have a free e-book full of onasadya dishes, which came in useful for most of my sadya dishes.
Recipes of individual components of my sadya to follow soon :)