Monday, October 8, 2012

A Photo walk on a beautiful Autumn morning

Last weekend, my neighbors were off for their son's wedding, so they asked us to take care of their cats for them while they were away. My husband usually goes over every morning and evening to feed them, but I decided to accompany him last Saturday as it was such a beautiful morning.

The whole place is gearing up for Halloween and the decorations are already going up. I brought my camera along to capture interesting sights along the way.
This one is my personal favorite:

I love the way the leaves change their color during the fall season. Back in India, the trees were mostly evergreen, so this view is quite mesmerizing for me.

 Fall is also the season when mums (chrysanthemums) bloom, and they're all over the place! 
I have two pots on my patio too.
and Rust
They've just started to bloom.

 People have started putting out their Halloween and harvest decorations.
 We made sure the cats were fell fed and relaxed.
This is Pepper. He's such a sweet fella. So adorable! And he loves to be cuddled.
Here he is looking at me with those yearning eyes, asking me to  cuddle him.
And this is Snowy. She's the exact opposite. Hates to be cuddled. She'll come over only when she wants to, and she's always very touchy.
Hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as I did. :-)
Until next time.. Au revoir!