Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Survived Hurricane Sandy

Looks like I haven't posted anything after Hurricane Sandy.
Never saw such a storm in my life! The scariest sounds of the winds blowing, branches crashing against the glass panes. And not to mention, the bizarre lightning that was a strange greenish blue in color.
Glad to have survived it. Life was difficult for one week.
Even for the animals. I wonder what this squirrel was thinking. Hope it did not lose anyone dear.
Maybe it's looking down at the extent of his damaged house?

The house was cold and dark, and I could not even warm a cup of milk. Having electric stoves in the apartment meant we had to eat cold food and drink cold water. And all the food in the refrigerator started to go bad after a couple of days.

But we were the lucky ones to have no damages to the house, and got the power back after a week, on our first wedding anniversary! I had resigned to the fact that there is no celebration on this special day, but our neighbors were too sweet to throw us a surprise party and made us cut a beautiful cake! They fired up the grill and cooked all the defrosted meat we had. It was like an early thanksgiving feast! So it was truly a day to remember.