Friday, April 1, 2011

Banana recipes I found on the net and want to try sometime..

This is a list of banana recipes I found over a day of googling coz I had 3 bananas in the fridge and dont know what to do with it than just eat em as it is..

Banana Poori:
Sweet Chutney:

More banana recipes (when I want to get rid of the bananas in the house before they rot)
Glazed Bananas:
Banana Fritters: (will go well with drizzled honey and vanilla ice-cream for dessert - our favorite dessert at our favorite chinese restaurant in Riyadh (GRCR))
Caramel Banana Pancakes:
Banana Yoghurt Pie:
Banana Balls:
Banana Custard:
Banana French Toast:
Banana Dosai: (I've already tried this one and its good!)