Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jungle Time again

Its that time of the year again.. the Indian summer!! best time to hit the jungles.. This time we're goin for 5 nights!! woohooooooo!! And we also got a car.. no more back breaking bike rides, although they were fun and adventurous too.. So with a lot of space in the boot, I've decided to prepare breakfast and tea for our travel.

Our Menu for the drive:
  1. Fish Cutlets (from Canned Tuna)
  2. Chappatis
  3. Tomato-Egg Curry
  4. Love-letters for dessert
  5. A flask of tea
  6. An ice box full of beer cans, bacardi breezer & water
  7. Chips: Onion rings

My plan tonight:
  • Prepare cutlet mix and shape them into cutlets
  • Prepare chappathi dough
  • Boil eggs
  • Cut vegetables required for curry
  • Prepare love letter filling
  • Prepare love letter batter

Early monday morning:
  • Fry cutlets by dipping in egg batter and bread crumbs
  • Roll chappathis and cook
  • Make tomato egg curry
  • Make love letter pancakes and stuff filling
  • Make tea
  • Carry tomato sauce sachets for cutlets