Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Midnight Masala Art

An image painstakingly created by me using Adobe Photoshop.
As luck may have it, I did not have to work at all today as the servers were down. So I got ample time to doodle and its been quite a while since I've been itching to do some artwork. Today was my lucky day and what satisfaction!!
It involved a bit of image searching on google to get a cute cityscape at night with a happy moon, and another image of a lady happily cooking a healthy meal in a kitchen, and another one of a boiling pot with chicken legs in it. I had to of course do the merging in photoshop. All images had a watermark in front of it which I had to painstakingly remove (ha! those image sites actually think I would pay $20 for an image???) using various tricks. Then resizing the image to fit into a kitchen window, rotating, merging into background work was all done by me. I added the text on the empty billboard. Finally I drew those lovely wafts of smell of the wonderful masala emanating from my kitchen into the night.
Come to think of it I actually do cook in front of a window as my kitchen counter also faces the window. How lovely!



alexey said...

lol!! very sweet and lovely!! very creative!! :) but i don see the chicken legs in the boiling pot that you mentioned, though its not important coz its not like you make only chicken but a HUGE variety of delicacies!!! ;) keep it coming!! :D

@nc said...

yea I know the chicken legs arent that important.. i just needed a good boiling pot. this isn't well detailed but more like a rough jpeg. if i have adobe illustrator maybe i can do it better?.. dunno!
anyway I enjoyed making this one.. feel like making more!!